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Hello, we’re Wunderkind

We were born in Manchester, UK but operate around the world. Our goal is to put disruptive technology into the hands of people who will love it the most.

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A small house with a network of hundreds

We are a product of the times. We don't have a fancy office. We don't have expensive employees sat around doing nothing. We have a network of trusted, reliable contract workers. We build a team around what works for you, and only take on work where we know we can make it a success.

Great solutions begin with insights.

Great communication
We're masters of modern remote-communication. With Zoom, Slack, Trello and Miro, we're more productive and more collaborative than you'd ever believe for a distributed team.
Data & Analytics
Data gives us an amazing understanding of what will work and what won't work quicker than ever before. That's why it's central to our strategy.
Customer Feedback
...but data doesn't tell us everything. Customer feedback fills in those gaps. We get under the skin of your customers to help build more effective marketing programs.

We partner with your business

We live and die on the success of our clients. That's why our goals have to be perfectly aligned with yours.

They felt like a core part of our team. They gave us complete clarity and confidence in their process
Nick Groves. Broadstone

Join our distributed team

We’re always looking for great growth-minded marketers, developers and designers to join.

  • Above market salary
  • Remote and on-site opportunities
  • Employee share pool
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