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Wunderkind works with ambitious founders to develop and grow new companies, month on month, year on year. After 7 years working with technology businesses, the Wunderkind team has developed a process that helps us grow companies in ways most traditional agencies wouldn’t dare explore.

Early-stage disruptive technology companies are different by nature.  For many founders, it’s their first time taking the path of entrepreneurship. Because of this, they’ll encounter problems that they aren’t equipped to deal with. We help companies avoid these common pitfalls and actively remove roadblocks along the way.

We’re not a consultancy. We’re not an incubator. We’re a hands-on team of specialists with a common goal: to drive consistent, repeatable growth each month for our partners. We spend a significant amount of time and effort becoming woven in to your team and develop a emotional investment in the success of the companies we work with. Because of this, we have to believe in your mission and your potential.

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Founded in 2017 by Andrew Allsop, Wunderkind works with a global network of trusted contractors who represent the highest standard in their industry.

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