A Letter From Our Founder

Since 2010, we’ve been in the trenches helping technology businesses grow their revenues from the ground up. During that time, we consistently encountered the same problems:

  • Access to growth-focused talent at a strategic and executional level who’d weathered the “startup to scale-up” phase before
  • Programs bottlenecked by engineering teams that are too busy working on product to prioritize growth
  • The requirement to go beyond advertising channels and grasp the increasing involvement in business, data, engineering, and product programs in order to not only acquire new customers but improve the rates at which we engage and retain them.

You basically have two options to tackle these issues: to grow an expansive, in-house team or hire an expensive agency to help you on a project-by-project basis.

Upon researching agencies, it became apparent that the same problem persists across the market. It’s simply impossible to find someone who is able to take a holistic business revenue goal and turn that into a well-constructed marketing strategy and implement the technology you’d need to execute that strategy, or be willing and able to use data and customer feedback to re-align their strategies outside of a few core services - even if they’re evidently never going to deliver the results you need.

And another problem: agencies were never willing to put skin-in-the-game and take ownership of the results of their activities, sometimes they wouldn't even try to measure them properly.

They sold time, deliverables or points, but were always shy when it came to speaking about revenue.

B2B technology is one of the biggest and still fast-growing verticals. And yet, no agency is able to offer what they need.

Enter Wunderkind

Wunderkind exists to clear a path to consistent double-digit revenue growth for B2B technology businesses.

We understand that whilst advertising and marketing play a key part in this, technology has its own nuances and opportunities that must be considered in order to give our clients the best chance of success.

We don’t just advertise to spend money on soft metrics like brand, impressions and clicks, we advertise to to acquire high Lifetime Value customers.

Each business has it's own unique business unit econommics, and that for your business to grow and deliver margin, we need to uncover those numbers, validate and repeat it at scale.

If you don’t know them, we help you put in place technology you need to track and optimise them.

It’s our aim to help you create incredibly capital-efficient businesses that set you up for multi-million dollar valuations or create a high margin business that allows you to live the life of your dreams.