Inbound Marketing

Whereas traditional marketing uses direct advertising techniques to force prospects in front of their product or service, Inbound Marketing utilises educational value-based content to nurture prospects through the entire buyers journey.

From a stranger searching for a solution, right through to becoming a delighted customer who advocates your product and service.

What we do

Our content marketing programs often combine these pieces:

A Content Audit

In which we figure out all the assets you’ve already got, in whatever format or state. (Hint: you’ve got a lot more than you think).

A B2B Content Playbook
In which we nail your goals, personas, priorities and gaps in the market, then turn them into action plans, editorial calendars and KPIs.

B2B Content Creation
Where we come up with ideas for killer content, then write it, design it, produce it and buff it up with a soft, dry chamois.

Content Distribution
Driving your content to market – and your market to your content – using social media, search marketing, email, pay-per-click, banner campaigns… whatever.

Lead Nurturing
Using marketing automation to move prospects along until they’re sales-ready.

B2B Content Analytics
Setting up the right metrics and the best ways to track them, whether that means Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo, Radian 6 or SEOmoz. We’re technology-agnostic but data-obsessed.

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