funnel optimisation

Systematically improve user Onboarding, Engagement and Retention

Product Analytics Onboarding

Over 6 weeks, our team conducts a comprehensive review of your app, analytics and CRM setup from an engagement and retention perspective. We’ll call out the gaps and prioritize opportunities to systematically improve your user engagement and retention, to build a solid foundation for future success. Our strategic recommendations and ongoing support programs cover activation / onboarding, ongoing engagement, retention and re-activation, tailored to your app and users.

Marketing Automation Kickstart

Supercharge your multi-channel communications with the Wunderkind Team. Over a 6-month period, we’ll help you design and implement a Retention Strategy and tactical plan for improving key metrics using data-driven CRM. We'll help you level-up your approach to analytics, lifecycle marketing and mobile marketing automation. Leading by example and helping you to execute, we'll build a strong end-to-end CRM process within your team. We'll ensuring you have the tech fundamentals in place and implement best-practice for important hygeine-factors such as maintaining user privacy, email deliverability and opt-in rates.
"Wunderkind enabled us to execute on our growth strategy with confidence - helping us grow MRR by 270% in the first 12 months of our engagement. The results speak for themselves."
Ian Leadbetter. Founder, Ruler Analytics