Tailor-made recommendation to improve your Engagement, Retention and Monetization

Engagement and Retention Audit

Our team will dive-deep into quantitive and qualitative data sources to uncover opportunities that improve activation, engagement and retention. Once this audit is complete, we will put together a report of recommendations and assist with implementation, ensuring that you don't only acquire more users, but they stick around for a long time too.

We provide everything you need to ensure a solid engagement and retention program going forward: the knowledge, the tools, the understanding of how to convert research and analytics into execution that moves the needle.

Marketing Technology Stack Setup

Better insight, quicker execution and more confidence in your plan; these are just some of the benefits you will enjoy from a well integrated marketing stack. We will audit your existing setup, looking to augment the tools you are already familiar with, with complimentary ones to fill in the gaps. All of our work is visualised and specified before hand, giving you a clear understanding of what will be done and how to expand it in the future.

A marketing technology stack setup will level-up your approach to analytics, lifecycle marketing and marketing automation. It will provide a 360 oversight into your customer journey: from website visit, to recurring revenue generation. Allowing you to segment your analytics by any data point collected along the way, and enriched with world-leading data sources to fill in any gaps.

Working with Wunderkind ensure best-practice is always followed, fundamentals are always in place and well communicated, and important hygiene factors such as GDPR, deliverability and opt-in rates.
"Wunderkind enabled us to execute on our growth strategy with confidence - helping us grow MRR by 270% in the first 12 months of our engagement. The results speak for themselves."
Ian Leadbetter. Founder, Ruler Analytics