Full-Funnel Analytics

Full-Funnel Analytics for B2B & SaaS Companies

You’re probably familiar with Google Analytics and maybe even something like HotJar, but did you know it’s possible to track, measure and optimise the success of your entire demand generation function, including marketing channels, website, sales activity, onboarding effectiveness, product engagement, retention and revenue?

Wunderkind Agency helps SaaS and app businesses turn their marketing spend into revenue much more efficiently by implementing analytics frameworks. These frameworks allow our clients to uncover bottlenecks, redesign solutions and make sure that every person who sees your advertisement or content has a greater potential at being a high lifetime value customers. 

Once you have this world-class analytics infrastructure in place, we will guide you along the journey of becoming a more data-led organisation. 

Some examples of how we have helped software and technology companies use data to grow quicker and with less stress:

  • Marketing Stack Recommendation document where we work with our clients to uncover their goals, capabilities and resource to build a best-in-class tech stack. We take many things into consideration, such as the longevity of the implementation and its ability to integrate to ensure a perfectly, up-to-date data infrastructure across the entire customer experience.

  • Create tracking plans that outline the most important actions, properties and traits. Enjoy the vast benefits of product analytics, segmentation in your marketing tools and behaviour-based messaging.

  • Full-Funnel Analytics Strategy where run workshops to help you understand what the numbers mean and how you can impact them with your marketing, sales, product and pricing strategies.

  • Weekly or monthly reports to help you see some of the most important insights during that period, and keep on top of the progress of the different growth initiatives within your organisation.

What You’ll Get

Expertly Selected Marketing tools that won’t need replacing or updating after a few months.

Benefit: Many people choose tools based on loose recommendations or because their competitors are using them, a partner is forcing them to buy software they sell and find they don’t perfectly match their requirements. 

Full Analytics, Conversion and Integration Tracking setup via Google Tag Manager or Segment.com

Benefit: Save precious development time and ensure perfectly synched data across all platforms. Tag Managers are a must have in the modern marketing stack - they open up opportunity whilst preserving resources.

A Tracking Plan produced by the partners of the world’s leading analytics and data-warehousing tools

Benefit: You will get the most out of your analytics tools by having all of the correct events, properties and traits available to track. Knowing what to track upfront isn’t always obvious, but because we’ve done it so many times, we’re pretty good at getting things right first time - reducing the time it takes engineers to implement them.

An Integration Workflow Diagram and Setup to ensure your data is always up to date and usable.

Benefit: It’s important that you understand exactly where the data is flowing into and from, and that data is all flowing between the right systems correctly. We don’t just do the setup - we educate you on what’s happening so you can make better decisions in the future.

Monthly Reports containing forecasts and recommendations to speed up your business growth

Benefit: It’s easy to get close to a problem and overlook it, but by using analytics to highlight bottlenecks and opportunities, we offer impartial advice on how you can grow your business better. Plus - it’s always good to see exactly how quickly your business is progressing.

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