Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations for B2B Businesses

Analytics, data management systems, content management, CRM and marketing automation tools allow amazing operational efficiencies, and give you insight into the customer journey that allows you to turbo-charge business growth. However, to get the complete potential from your marketing technology and data it must be setup well, constantly maintained and used effectively.

Wunderkind Agency helps B2B businesses scale with ease by taking ownership over the full marketing stack. We make sure that the correct data is collected and flowing throughout the right platforms, that you’re never paying for things you shouldn’t be, duplicating tasks or doing processes that could be automated. All of the heavy lifting and - let’s face it - boring maintenance tasks of your marketing infrastructure is handled by us, so you can focus on growing your business with less stress, and more confidence. We take your campaign ideas from the whiteboard, and give you a framework on which you can execute upon.

Once we’ve audited all of your current marketing technology infrastructure, we will guide you along the way of making sure it’s setup to use easily and augment your team’s efforts moving forward.

Here are some examples of how our marketing operations services can help you grow your business with ease:

  • Setting up analytics and campaign tracking tools to give you the insights you need to grow your business. We go beyond Google Analytics, giving you a end-to-end view of how effective your customer experience is.
  • Making sure data flows are in order. Leads are 2-way-synced across your CRM and marketing platforms. Anyone who fills in a form on your website or at an in-person event goes into all of the correct systems. Your webinar attendees get the correct follow up.
  • Managing your data to ensure it is always clean, enriched and unique. 

What You’ll Get

A Full MarTech Stack Audit With Recommendations and Execution

Benefit: Don’t run the risk of adopting technology, tools and marketing channels that won’t allow you to reach your goals. Our experience means we can make better decisions that serve you in the long-term, and our implementation skills mean you will be using them to their full potential. 

Full Analytics, Conversion and Integration Tracking setup via Google Tag Manager or

Benefit: Save precious development time and ensure perfectly sync data across all platforms. Tag Managers are a must have in the modern marketing stack - they open up opportunity whilst preserving resources.

Ongoing Data Maintenance 

Benefit: It’s important that you understand exactly where the data is flowing into and from, and that data is all flowing between the right systems correctly. We don’t just do the setup - we educate you on what’s happening so you can make better decisions in the future.

Campaign Infrastructure Setup Including Landing Pages, Ad Campaigns, Conversions and Data Integrations

Benefit: Your internal teams can think of the most amazing creative ideas, but if they don’t have the technical nuance to implement them then they will never leave the meeting room. Let us handle the boring stuff, let them strengthen their creative muscles and flourish their ability to bring attention and growth to your business.

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