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increase in MRR after 12 months
Ruler Analytics benefitted from our Growth Strategy, Stack Implementation & more.
new user -> paid user
Airtime Rewards now turns more of their users into paying customers with a new onboarding flow.
new users
We helped Broadstone launch their 2-sided marketplace and acquire 10% of their market in 2 years.

How we work
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Full-Funnel Audit

We audit your marketing channels, website, analytics, marketing automation tools, CRM and growth stack to uncover opportunities for improvement. Our focus is on ensuring data consistency, maximising insight, uncovering gaps in coverage and limiting the workload as you scale. We also uncover other growth-related improvements as part of the process.

This process allows us to uncover the scale of work and take a deep-dive into how your business operates.

Stack & Analytics

Analytics, data management systems, content management, CRM and marketing automation tools allow amazing operational efficiencies and give you insight into the customer journey that allows you to turbo-charge business growth. However, to unlock the  potential from your growth stack must be setup well, constantly maintained and used effectively.

Wunderkind Agency helps B2B businesses scale with ease by taking ownership over the full marketing stack.

Growth Marketing

Using our global network of world-class, growth-focussed executors, we can take your dreams and begin making them a reality. We only work with the best available - that means we can't limit ourselves by geography.

A focus on technology and our network means we can spin up campaigns quicker than you would ever believe.

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"Wunderkind enabled us to execute on our growth strategy with confidence. The results speak for themselves."
Ian Leadbetter. Founder, Ruler Analytics
"Wunderkind helped us launch and acquire our first 30,000 users - outranking the likes of PayPal and Xero in the App Store"
Nick Groves. Co-Founder, Broadstone Engage.
“You helped us implement and understand how to use our CRM effectively. We were closing new deals within the week.”
Steve McKenna. AJ&Smart
“Wunderkind are a very valuable asset for any business that is looking to analyse and measure their marketing efforts”
Toni Navarro. Marketing Consultant

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How we helped Ruler Analytics increase MRR 270% in 12 months

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