Marketing Operations

Unify your customer data and make improvements across the whole customer journey.

Marketing Technology Stack Setup

Better insight, quicker execution and more confidence in your plan; these are just some of the benefits you will enjoy from a well integrated marketing stack. We will audit your existing setup, looking to augment the tools you are already familiar with, with complimentary ones to fill in the gaps. All of our work is visualised and specified beforehand, giving you a clear understanding of what will be done and how to expand it in the future.

A marketing technology stack setup will level-up your approach to analytics, lifecycle marketing and marketing automation. It will provide a 360 oversight into your customer journey: from website visit, to recurring revenue generation. Allowing you to segment your customer data by any data point collected along the way, and enriched with world-leading data sources to fill in any gaps in data.

Wunderkind ensure best-practice is always followed, fundamentals are always in place and well communicated, and important hygiene factors such as GDPR, deliverability and opt-in rates.

Working With Wunderkind

Wunderkind’s Marketing Operations services support marketing leaders who recognise the need for change. If you seek to engage an organisation and transform its efficiency, market position, and revenue potential, we can help you make a strong case for change and win the organisational buy-in you need to execute.

Our team of consultants are experienced in strategy development, mapping data flows, technology selection, complex implementation, customisation, and integration of customer-facing and customer-supporting technologies.

From optimising a Hubspot instance to leading a Customer Experience transformation, Wunderkind brings unmatched expertise, innovative partnerships, and a proven technology framework to every project.

Going Deep into Engagement and Retention

We provide everything you need to ensure a solid engagement and retention program going forward: the knowledge, the tools, the understanding of how to convert research and analytics into execution that moves the needle.

Better retention means a stronger Lifetime Value, which means you can be more aggressive in your acquisition efforts - outspending competition and solidifying your market position as a hyper growth business.

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