127% increase in monetized users

Airtime Rewards are a disruptive cashback platform that seamlessly integrates into their user's day to day purchasing habits.

Unlike most rewards platforms, Airtime Rewards doesn't require users to read out or scan a code, go through a special website or do anything different to how they usually purchase an item. They simply sign up, add a credit or debit card and Airtime Rewards automatically processes the cashback for you.

Airtime Rewards came to Wunderkind Agency when they wanted to reduce the friction in their onboarding process. They were acquiring users at a rapid pace, but they knew they had a bottleneck somewhere between the user signing up, and actively using their platform.

We worked with Airtime Rewards to uncover this bottleneck, removing a huge obstacle in their revenue growth.

FinTech - Retail
Improve the activation rate
127% increase in acquired to activated users

The Solution

  • Funnel Analysis - we introduced Mixpanel to the client. Mixpanel is a product analytics platform which allowed us to analyse user paths and uncover where the biggest bottlenecks were.
  • CRM - As well as analytics, Mixpanel also has functionality to communicate with & store user information for further communications.
  • Onboarding Design - Using the data from Mixpanel and Branch Metrics, we provided the client with a optimised onboarding process.
  • Marketing Automation - When the optimised onboarding process had been implemented, we used Mixpanel's marketing automation features to communicate with people who hadn't become activated in order to remind and encourage them to do so.

The Result

  • As a result, the client's acquisition to activation rate is now 127% higher than it was before the changes were implemented
  • This is a huge commercial win, as their activation action was directly linked to revenue.
  • This improvement in the efficiency of which they're able to turn marketing spend into revenue also means they can be more aggressive with their acquisition, as they can spend more money to acquire a user and still be profitable as each user is more likely to turn into revenue.