Ruler Analytics
270% Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue in 12 Months

Ruler Analytics fuel their B2B SaaS business with leads from a whole host of sources - inbound, outbound, partnerships and more.

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics


Liverpool, UK


Marketing Technology

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15 employees


Ruler Analytics builds an analytics platform that combines marketing, sales and revenue data to help teams understand the commercial impact of their activity. By acting as a data-hub for CRMs, ad networks and marketing analytics platforms, Ruler Analytics can combine sources and fairly attribute revenue to the correct channel, keyword or campaign that generated it. Today, thousands of marketing and executive teams use Ruler Analytics to get a closed-loop view of marketing success. Turning marketing from a cost-centre, to a revenue generating machine.

Ruler Analytics had come to the time in their evolution when their only goal was growth. They were confident in their product and the problem it solved, but their route to market wasn’t as obvious.

Here’s how Wunderkind Agency worked with Ruler Analytics to implement a data-driven sales & marketing process that lead to 270% growth in MRR over the first 12 months.

The Challenge

Ruler Analytics acquire leads from a variety of sources - inbound, outbound, partnerships and more - but until our engagement, those leads went into a Trello board and became a relative blackhole in terms of the insight of what happened to them during that time.

Because of this, we didn’t know which sources brought the best leads, how productive sales were or which deals required working and when. Ruler Analytics needed to bring order to their sales, and combine it with their marketing, in order to uncover the insight they needed to drive growth.

Without data, there’s no insight. Without insight, there’s no growth.

The Solution

Wunderkind worked with Ruler Analytics to overhaul their sales and marketing process. First of all, we implemented a CRM. The CRM allowed us to:

  • Consolidate all of our sales activity onto a platform so fewer leads fall through the net
  • Have a single source of truth for the success of our sales and marketing activity. Before, we could only measure or analyse the performance and productivity of the sales team.
  • Measure which channels brought in the most closed sales, not just conversions.
  • Manage customer data, ensuring that our lists are all properly segmented

To give Ruler Analytics some insight into the health of their business, we chose ChartMogul as a recurring-revenue tracking tool. The full integration we developed is outlined here. Without the understanding ChartMogul gave us, we could never make good decisions on where to spend our marketing. Particularly, the segments by sources and sales channels proved to be extremely valuable insight.

We also helped Ruler Analytics turn their content marketing process into something that is slick, efficient and effective. We conducted keyword research, sourced an experienced writer and organised the production of search engine optimised content on a weekly basis.

The Result

12 months from launching this project, Ruler Analytics had almost tripled the amount of revenue they collect from monthly subscriptions. For a business that had already been live for 5 years, this was a considerable achievement.
Ruler Analytics sales team now have complete insight into the progress of their deals, their marketing team understands which of their leads turned into closed revenue - and exactly how much revenue they deliver, month on month - segmented by channel, keyword and campaign.

The integration with the CRM provider turned out to be the start of a relationship, with Ruler Analytics now listed as a technology partner. This partnership is a constant source of quality leads.

The executive team has complete insight into their most profitable segments and sales sources in ChartMogul. Now they know how much a customer is worth, they can make smarter decisions when it comes to acquisition.
Their content is now a significant driver of traffic growth for the business. In the chart below, the most recent month now gets 650% more organic traffic than the average of the last 3 months before we took over. They now get more traffic in 1 month than they used to in 6. Content has also been a significant driver of their international business.

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