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0 - 20,000 workers local marketplace launch

0 - 20,000 workers local marketplace launch

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Broadstone’s platforms allows security professionals to find and get paid by trustworthy contract and permanent roles that suit them.

Broadstone is a marketplace startup based in Manchester, UK. The company is a platform that brings together trustworthy, reliable security organisations with workers with a reputation for delivering. Broadstone operates on a localised basis, acquiring supply and demand in cities with the aim of achieving liquidity.

With Broadstone, workers don’t have to run the risk of working with someone who won’t pay them, and hiring organisations reduce their risk of no-shows and bad-actors because reputation is built in.

They launched to the public in December 2017, growing usage on their platform and establishing it as a trustworthy brand in the security marketplace has been their aim since.

The Challenge

When Broadstone first approached us it was very clear that they had many of the pieces of the puzzle needed to build a great technology business: smart founders with plenty of domain experience, a capable and hard working engineering team and a product that very clearly solves a problem that no other product on the market today does.

But perhaps what wasn’t quite so clear was how they’d find the people to populate their marketplace.

The serviced security market in the UK is huge - estimated to be worth £5billion. However, how they would find the guards to populate the marketplace wasn’t as obvious. Broadstone’s team had history of being stung by the usual agency advice of ‘do some SEO, buy some AdWords’, and they were adamant that this wouldn’t be a trap they’d fall into again.

That’s why they chose to employ Wunderkind, an agency who specialise in helping tech businesses grow their core business metrics, to help kickstart their user acquisition.

The Solution

  • We complete an analytics & advertising onboarding - adding all relevant pixels, tracking information and events to give Broadstone the insight they need to scale.
  • Installed Mixpanel - this allows us to see how people are using the product, uncover bottlenecks and communicate with them via email, push notifications & text messsages.
  • Created an automated system that allowed Broadstone to funnel leads into an onboarding workflow that turned desktop traffic into mobile registrations.
  • Supported Broadstone with landing pages and development work as they were finding their initial users.
  • Scaled Broadstone's paid social & Google Ads campaigns

The Result

  • At the time of writing this, 17 months after Broadstone launched, they now have 22,000+ works on their platform
  • Every month, 60% of these workers complete a job search within their application
  • Broadstone is listed in the top 100 business apps in the App Store, beating out big names like PayPal and Xero.
  • Every month they continue to grow their acquisition, engagement & monetization

Orka Technology Group
Orka Technology Group

0 - 20,000 workers local marketplace launch

Airtime Rewards
Airtime Rewards

127% increase in monetized users